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All Songs Composed by Mike Fletcher & Performed By The Harvest Band
Lead, Steel Guitarist & Vocalist for The Harvest Band 1972 - 1975
Ed Monteleone was one of the original members of The Harvest Band when it was formed in 1972. He played both lead and steel guitar and wrote the harmony vocal and guitar arrangements used on all of the bands original music, many of which were recorded at Record Plant East and Vanguard Recording Studios in New York City during the early 1970's. Although Ed left the band in 1975 to work with Peter Frampton, the contributions he made were instrumental in helping Harvest to obtain a recording contract and national record release in 1977. Ed continued to work as a studio guitarist, master luthier and performing musician in many area bands and occasionally found time to sit in with his old bandmates, until his untimely passing in March 2002. The 3 songs you are hearing were the last recordings Ed did with The Harvest Band in 1975. The 4 track masters were found in a basement in 2005 in damaged condition and only Ed's steel guitar track remained. The songs were then reconstructed in 2006, using Ed's original track, by the remaining Harvest Band members, past and present. Ed's spirit lives on in the music he recorded and in the memory of family, friends and fellow musicians who had the pleasure to know and work with him.

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